Vertigo History Lesson Part 9



Artist Signature. The first signature guitars of Fernandes USA product line were released in 2002, including the Reeves Gabrels RG13 and the Riggs Vertigo Custom XR, which featured neck-thru construction, maple body and neck, ebony fingerboard, graphite nut, a Seymour Duncan Full Shred, kill switch and "scumbag/x" inlays.

This was the time when the Vertigo shape became most familiar thanks to the great success of the Rob Zombie band, who also exclusively played Tremor basses.

Earlier in 2001, the Vertigo Deluxe received the prestigous Guitar Player Editors' Pick Award, which was enhanced with a pickup split function and specially featured in Fernandes 2002 product catalog.

Stay tuned for part 10 coming next week!

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