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Fernandes Guitars

Product Highlights

  • Vortex Scimitar
  • Pioneering 12-string V with EMG 81
  • Revolver RO-7
  • The New Ramon Ortiz 7-string
  • Revolver 7 Deluxe
  • The long awaited 7-string shredder
  • Monterey Buccaneer
  • Dark, Basic and Aggressive
  • Vortex Classic JP
  • A vintage take on the modern V

    Vertigo History Lesson Part 5

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    Baptized in America. In 1998, every model of the Fernandes USA guitar and bass product line was given a unique and catchy name, setting them apart from their Japan counterparts and creating an identity for every body shape. This is when the name Vertigo came into existence as the new designation of the H Series.

    The H-80 became the Vertigo Deluxe and the H-65 was now named the Vertigo Standard, bearing the familiar black headstock with Fernandes logo in white. The HB-65 was revamped and brought back into production as the Vertigo Bass, after being absent of the official catalog in 1997. A ton of ideas about expanding the Vertigo series flooded Fernandes USA product development team during this time, while keeping the trademark shape as main image of the brand.

    Stay tuned for part 6 coming next week!

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