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    Brian Nutter Plays Sustainer

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    Keith Urban's lead guitar man, who has played with many top country music acts including Lonestar, Hot Apple Pie, and Carolyn Dawn Johnson; Brian Nutter recently reported using his Sustainer-equipped guitar on two songs every night of the tour. Both tunes made heavy use of the Sustainer.

    1. How did you first hear of Fernandes guitars and particularly of the Sustainer?

    A1: I've known about Fernandes and the Sustainer for years. It's one of those things that just hit me one day,"Why do I NOT have a guitar with a Sustainer in it!?!?!" So, I quickly solved that problem.

    2. In what way has the Sustainer changed your playing?

    A2: Absolutely! I find myself kicking it in and out all the time to achieve different sounds and textures.

    3. What advantages does it have?

    A3: I don't have to hold anything over the strings to make it work.

    4. Which songs are you currently using the Sustainer in, and how important is it to them?

    A4: On the latest tour, I used it on the songs "Georgia Woods" and "Til Summer Comes Around". Both songs incorporate the sustained note with intelligent pitch shifting.

    5. Any plans, future projects?

    A5: I would love to install the system in a few other guitars very soon.

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