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    Overkill to headline Rock al Parque Festival

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    New Jersey thashers OVERKILL will headline Colombia's Rock Al Parque festival this year, to be held in Bogota, July 2st-4th, 2011. Dave Linsk will be playing his Ravelle guitars, several equipped with the Fernandes Sustainer system, in front of an estimated 100,000 people who normally attend the metal day at the world's largest free-of-charge Rock festival.

    Dave, What is your current set up? Guitars, pickups, pedals, strings, picks, & amps?

    My current set up is Fernandes Ravelle guitars with Sustainers, Gibson Les Paul, and Justin Sane customs. I use Motorcity pickups in my guitars. For pedals I use an HBE (homebrew electronics) chorus, germania 44, and powerscreamer for a boost sometimes. I use DR 10-52 guage strings and 3 sided extra heavy picks. For amplification I am using Fortin amplification.

    How long have you been playing?

    I have been playing guitar for over 20 years.

    Do you have any music training?

    I do have some music training and like a bunch of additional styles of music.

    Who are your influences?

    My main influences from early on were Van Halen, Rhoads, then Malmsteen.

    Do you prefer recording or playing live?

    It really does not matter to me too much, I just love to play.







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