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  • Vortex Scimitar
  • Pioneering 12-string V with EMG 81
  • Revolver RO-7
  • The New Ramon Ortiz 7-string
  • Revolver 7 Deluxe
  • The long awaited 7-string shredder
  • Monterey Buccaneer
  • Dark, Basic and Aggressive
  • Vortex Classic JP
  • A vintage take on the modern V
    Latest News - Fernandes Guitars

    Jeff Walker's Bass Hijacked

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    We've been informed by Grind Master General, Jeff Walker, that his Fernandes Custom bass has been hijacked from CARCASS' practice spot. The bass was reportedly last seen in Tijuana during a BRUJERIA show, being played by known outlaw and Walker's evil twin, El Cynico.


    More reports soon...




    Second Leg Of Killfest 2010 & 2011 is here

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    Veteran New Jersey thrashers OVERKILL have announced the second leg of their Killfest 2010 tour. The trek will consist of stops in markets where the band has not been in a long time, including several dates in the North Carolina and Florida. Support on the tour will come from FORBIDDEN, EVILE, GAMA BOMB and BONDED BY BLOOD.

    As is costumary, OVERKILL's Dave Linsk will be shredding on his Ravelle guitars.

    And FORBIDDEN's Matt Camacho will be abusing his Tremor basses.

    Don't miss it!

    Tour dates and updated news at


    Forbidden Gives Away A Tremor Bass

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    David "Birdman" Neal was the winner of the Tremor 4X given away at the listening party held by FORBIDDEN on October 22 at Soundwave Studios in Oakland CA. The very special prize was given by Fernandes artist and FORBIDDEN's bassist, Matt Camacho. Be sure to check out their latest album 'Omega Wave' in stores now, thanks to Nuclear Blast records.

    FORBIDDEN will join OVERKILL in the second leg of the Killfest Tour 2010, the main Thrash event of the winter, don't miss Matt blasting the low end with his Tremor basses.

    Tour dates and updated news at


    Dagon Talks About The Ravelle And Inquisition's New Album

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    1)  What type of guitar are you currently playing? (Model, type, specs...)

    The Fernandes Ravelle Tremolo. I currently have two and the slight difference is that one is equipped with both the EMG 81 and 85 and the other is equipped with the EMG 81 and the Fernandes Sustainer.

    2) How does the Fernandes Ravelle guitar influence and interact with Inquisition's music?

    This guitar offers excellent low end thanks to that thick mahogany, heaviness is a must for Inquisition and lows are its foundation. The maple top allows for enough highs to detail our power chords without sounding too bright or thin and they really surface nicely when I let the notes ring out. In my playing I use big power chords and every note counts, if the lows kill the highs for example, then a song is damaged. I need balance and this guitar is very much balanced.  The sustain is superb, another vital need in our music and its atmosphere. With little sustain we risk sounding empty.

    Above all, I am a slave to tone, paired with the right amp big or small I get what I am looking for every time and combined with the active pickups it’s a brutal guitar for brutal music.

    3) Did you record the new album with the Ravelle?

    Yes I did and my choice was the one loaded with the Fernandes Sustainer. It was the only guitar I used on the album. It’s so balanced I don’t feel the need to use others throughout the recording session. The Sustainer came in real useful for some leads and specially for creating the eerie like feedback at the end of a bar while I played in the control room, there was no need to sit next to a cranked amp to get that.

    4) How did your tone change or improve compared to what you were playing before?

    It’s much denser now, I have much more sustain, much more punch, a darker and warmer tone and as I said before the highs are not as thin and brittle so the density improved in the full spectrum. In the past for example, some notes would go hidden underneath the root notes for example. To help that I was using a Maximizer pedal but it would suck up amp tone. Now I don’t even bother using it, I don’t need it because the warmer tone and density brings everything out. The proof is in the crowd’s reaction at recent shows, I had people at our European tour last month tell me they could hear the difference for sure.

    5) What can you tell us about the new album, and what are Inquisition's plans for next year?

    It will be classic INQUISITION in its finest moment. Everything about it is as recognizable as the overall Inquisition “sound”. I am sure fans will be very pleased. We took the established writing formula and fine-tuned it by leaving out excess to maintain fluidity. It is a straight to the point album while at the same time monumental moments are never lacking. I made sure every single riff and melody made sense and maintained that “less is more” attitude to avoid overcrowding the songs.  On the production side, it is very organic and extremely natural. The brutality, darkness and overall aura of the album come more from the songs themselves than us relying on the production to do that for us. This in turn allows the listener to appreciate how real drums (no triggering), loud overdriven amps (no distortion pedals) and in your face vocals blend so well with Black Metal in a production; it’s no different than hearing us live which is a great thing to achieve. The producer we worked with, Alfonso Pinzon, brought this philosophy to us and we followed it because we felt it is adding something not only to our own sound and identity but to the overall genre as well.


    MEMPHIS MAY FIRE Announce New EP

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    Hot off the heels of their succesful debut album, "Sleepwalking" (Trustkill 2009), Dallas, TX's own MEMPHIS MAY FIRE are back with their most powerful and compelling music of their career. After touring the last year with Alesana, Asking Alexandria, The Chariot, Dance Gavin Dance, and more, the band went in to the studio and created 5 stunning tracks to showcase their new material. Memphis May Fire have been featured in Revolver, Alternative Press, Rock Sound, Kerrang!, Big Cheese, and more. Their single “Ghost In The Mirror” appeared on the “Saw VI Soundtrack” (2009) and music video on the “Saw VI” DVD (2010). Don't miss Kellen's Monterey guitars all over the new release and upcoming tours.

    "Between The Lies" will be out on Bullet Tooth Records November 2, Headline UK/Europe tour starts October 14, Headline US tour kicks off December 2.  Tour dates and updated news at | |


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