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  • Vortex Scimitar
  • Pioneering 12-string V with EMG 81
  • Revolver RO-7
  • The New Ramon Ortiz 7-string
  • Revolver 7 Deluxe
  • The long awaited 7-string shredder
  • Monterey Buccaneer
  • Dark, Basic and Aggressive
  • Vortex Classic JP
  • A vintage take on the modern V
    Latest News - Fernandes Guitars

    Adam Lehan Plays The Ravelle

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    Adam Lehan of CATHEDRAL also picked up a Fernandes instrument for the Anniversary show, this time a Ravelle which he continues to play in current shows and recordings. Adam played guitar and wrote many songs for the albums Forest of Equilibrium, Soul Sacrifice, Statik Majik and The Ethereal Mirror. The band's sell thru DVD also features songs mainly taken from Lehan's stint in the band. He also played in UK thrash metal band Acid Reign and cult thrash band Lord Crucifier from Italy. He was guitarist for a rock project he formed with Slammer bassist Russ Burton shortly after leaving Acid Reign but chose to join CATHEDRAL just prior to the recording of their first demo tape. He now plays in FLIGHT and BENEATH THE OAK.


    Halford's Mike Davis Takes On The Atlas

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    Mike Davis rocked South and North America this Fall and Winter with his Atlas basses, joining forces with Roy Z and Metal Mike Chlasciak, who were also shredding on Fernandes axes.

    This historic tour, which ended in Anaheim, California, on December 19th and counted with many other top bands such as Dave Lombardo's Philm, Warbringer and Ozzy Osbourne; featured plenty of iconic classics from Judas Priest, Fight and HALFORD, fronted by "The Metal God" himself, Rob Halford.


    The Autmn Offering's Carl Bensley Plays Gravity And Tremor

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    As many have seen already at their latest live shows in 2010, Carl Bensley has been sporting Gravity and Tremor Deluxe basses, giving a forceful roar to THE AUTUMN OFFERING's sound.

    The band released their self-titled album last August on Victory Records, where Fernandes instruments proudly played a big part in supplying the power and bite of this acclaimed recording, make sure to grab a copy and hear it for yourself.


    Forbidden's Headlining US Tour

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    After joining OVERKILL on the second leg of the Killfest 2010 tour, FORBIDDEN continues their Headlining Tour across the rest of the United States and Canada in December. Don't miss FORBIDDEN's Matt Camacho abusing his Tremor basses.

    If you haven't done it already, grab a copy of their latest album on Nuclear Blast records, Omega Wave.

    Tour dates and updated news at


    Abysmal Dawn Studio Report and Lesson

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    Relapse artist ABYSMAL DAWN is currently in the studio and recently unveiled the new Par Olofsson (EXODUS, THE FACELESS, BRAINDRILL) artwork to adorn their forthcoming album Leveling The Plane of Existence. Set for a February 1st North American release date (February 7th – UK, February 11th – Germany, Benelux, February 14th – rest of EU). A studio report has been posted, as well as a guitar lesson by lead singer/guitarist Charles Elliot with his Ravelle guitar, check it out on FPE-TV.

    Additionally, ABYSMAL DAWN has announced the first North American tour in support of Leveling The Plane of Existence for early next year. Teaming up with KATAKLYSM, ALL SHALL PERISH, DECREPIT BIRTH and more for this four-week tour that will kick-off on February 24th in Cleveland, OH.


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