Vertigo History Lesson Part 13



Modern times. In 2008, the whole Fernandes product was redesigned to its current state, including the Vertigo Series, blending the style and features of succesful versions from the past with more recent variations.

The Vertigo Elite was enhanced again with the locking tremolo system, full pickguard and satin finishes, as well as the mighty EMG 81 in the bridge position.

The Deluxe model was also revamped with active EMG pickups, 81/60 set, for powerful and versatile tone, and available in Metallic Black Satin, Natural Satin and Snow White finishes.

The Vertigo X continued with most of it's features, except for the classic center dot inlays across the fretboard and the new Dark Green Metallic Satin finish, still offering great quality at a very low price.

The Japan-made Vertigo Elite JP, was introduced in 2012, as part of the JP Series, becoming a top-of-the-line masterpiece.

Recent Vertigo endorsees include Rich Ward of FOZZY, D.D. Verni of OVERKILL and Dwayne Denison of TOMAHAWK.

Thanks for joining us in this journey through the history of the Fernandes Vertigo, stay tuned for more special features!

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