Marty Friedman plays the Fernandes Sustainer



Fernandes Guitars proudly announces the addition of a master guitarist to our Sustainer Artist list, Marty Friedman. As you may know, Marty began as a Schrapnel solo recording artist and later joined forces with Jason Becker to form the unrivaled dual guitar unit, CACOPHONY, who have a strong influence on today’s top guitarists. Racking up sales of over 10 million records with MEGADETH, Marty continued to record solo records, often embarking on adventurous musical forays, including an album with Golden Globe winner Kitaro. Now residing in Tokyo, Friedman has become a television celebrity appearing as a regular on 5 major networks, he can be seen on mainstream hit TV programs almost every day in Japan.

His latest offering, “LOUDSPEAKER” is exactly the kind of record that Friedman fans have been waiting for. While aggressively breaking through cutting edge uncharted musical territory still in spots it is reminiscent in style of his first solo record “Dragon's Kiss.” Watch the awesome video for the single "Bad D.N.A." on youtube.