Nemhain Plays Fernandes Exclusively



London based rock/punk/gothic rock influenced band named after the mythological Celtic Goddess of battle fury, formed By Adrian Erlandsson (At The Gates / Cradle Of Filth), and his wife, model Morrigan Hel in 2006, Nemhain's music deals with the darker side of sex, drugs, addiction, passion and revenge, they have also recorded and performed covers of songs by The Distillers, Nirvana, Misfits and The Gits. Their debut album 'From The Ashes' was released on 22 January 2010 on Tiefdruck-Musik. As stated on ther website, "we're proud to say we've quit our straying, deleted all other guitars from our phonebook, changed our number and shacked up with our lovely friends at Fernandes. Sam has been using a hot-rodded Ravelle as his main axe since the first demo, so we have always been keen to work with them. Lakis and Sam will be causing havoc with their Ravelle Deluxes, while Lisa on tour this month underpins the chaos on her Ravelle Bass ", dates at